Personalized Advocacy


Scott TenBroeckElder Options was founded by Scott TenBroeck, who had the honor of caring for his grandparents. As he watched his beloved grandparents decline, Scott realized that many older adults can be vulnerable and need someone acting in their best interest.   After 12 years of extensive training, leadership and education as a nursing home administrator, assisted living director, home health manager, county investigator into assisted living complaints, and AARP lobbyist, Scott was frustrated with the current health care system. It did not meet all the needs for each person. Elder Options was created with the goal to help all older adults navigate the confusing long term care system.

Elder Options incorporates a team of accountants, lawyers and state/county agencies to find the best choice for each client. Whether next door or across the country, Elder Options can walk you through every step.

KristineKristine is a licensed Physical Therapist practicing since 1998 and is the lead Consulting Physical Therapist for Elder Options. She has extensive experience working with the senior population and their families in a variety of settings including hospitals, retirement communities, home health, skilled nursing, long term care, and assisted living facilities.

Her educational background includes a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Saint Louis University. Kristine also holds a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology from Appalachian State University and has completed over 200 hours of continuing education including topics focused on home modifications, home safety and fall prevention.

Kristine understands that as individuals age many will experience physical and cognitive declines-resulting in decreased independence and quality of life as well as an increased need for assistance from family, friends and service providers. Furthermore, Kristine is aware that there are many assistance options available to seniors and their families; however, this system can be very complex and overwhelming. Kristine’s education and far reaching experience with the aging population makes her uniquely qualified to consult on these and other related issues. It is Kristine’s desire to use her skills to assist seniors and their families in navigating the eldercare system there by alleviating the stress and anxiety experienced by aging seniors and those who care for them.